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AMT Pangaea CP-100FX

AMT Pangaea CP-100FX



With the help of AMT PANGAEA CP-100FX, you will be able to create a quality sound emulation of any guitar cabinet by loading appropriate impulse responses (IRs) of guitar cabinets. It is possible to store up to 99 presets into the internal memory of this device with different IRs together with built-in guitar effects processor (or without it). AMT PANGAEA CP-100FX is not just an impulse guitar cabinet emulator integrated with an effects processor: AMT PANGAEA CP-100FX is a flexibly adjustable tool both for professional actively touring guitar players and also for those who are just starting their creative career.

There are two main modes of operation with IRs

  • MODE 1: Loading of one mono IR with the following parameters: 24-bit х 48 kHz 170.75 ms long (8192 samples) with the total signal delay of 1.5 ms (milliseconds)
  • MODE 2: Separate loading of two mono IRs with the same parameters as in MODE 1 adjustable for volume and pan with the total signal delay of 1.8 ms. The logically predictable interface of AMT PANGAEA CP-100FX, controllable with the help of OLED display and knobs, makes this device’s operation convenient and comfortable.


  • RF – Resonance Filter
  • GT – Noise Gate
  • CM – Compressor
  • PR – Preamp Simulator
  • PA – Power Amp Simulator
  • IR – Cabinet Simulator (Impulse Response).
  • EQ – Parametric EQ
  • PH – Phaser
  • FL – Flanger
  • CH – Chorus
  • DL – Delay
  • ER – Early Reflections
  • RV – Reverb
  • TR – Tremolo


  • Attenuator
  • Master EQ
  • Bypassing The Cabinet Simulator
  • Dual Cabinet Mode
  • 14 at the same time used effects
  • Preset memory 99 user presets
  • Up to 32 controllers for each of 99 presets
  • A/D – D/A converters 24 bit
  • Sampling frequency 48 kHz
  • DSP block ADSP-21489 processor
  • MIDI Interface
  • MIDI Mapping
  • Global Tempo
  • Analog Outputs (XLR/TRS)
  • Digital Output (S/PDIF)
  • Headphones Output

Characteristics of supported IR files

  • WAV, 24-bit / 48 kHz

Power requirements:

AMT AC power adaptor: Input AC mains 100-265VAC, 50-60 Hz, output 12VDC (minus – center).
Consumption current: 230mA.


In AMT PANGAEA CP-100FX all impulses are loaded from microSD card.

The device has a built-in file browser, which allows to «walk around» your card and listen to impulse sounds in real time. All impulses are stored on the device’s internal memory, in a particular preset – including settings for FX effects. Moreover, the internal memory access can also be made with the help of a PC via a USB connection, for preset storage and exchange or loading of software updates. However, the computer will identify the device – similar to AMT PANGAEA CP-100 – as a general purpose “flash” storage drive.

Every preset has 32 controllers. So you can designate 16 key parameters (loudness, modulation rate, on/off parameters, etc.), which can be configured for any midi controller (or for an external expression pedal, for which there is a plug connector). Hence, you have a possibility to control 16 parameters in a single preset in real time. The expression pedal can be calibrated.

The device has a master volume and a three-band master equalizer, for volume and tone corrections in each particular case. The master equalizer can be switched off. On the side panel, there is a S/PDIF output connector with two choices of output signal – master output or dry output (direct output from ADC).

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