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Welicoruss (Russia)

Welicoruss (Russia)

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Welicoruss delivers dark, intense and mystic sound that demonstrated how to impressively unite the contemporary metal with the dim and distant mythological past. Their music recreates the Old Rus solemn and sunless atmosphere, expressing both national feelings and personal perception of the Ancient Northern Rus Spirit through the lyrics. Devoted to their pagan heritage, Welicoruss reflects in their compositions their admiration of Nature and search for the hidden mysteries of their secret Powers that rule the Universe. At the end of the 2013 Welicoruss moved from Novosibirsk to Prague, so the band could be concentrated on playing across the whole Europe. In just one and a half year Welicoruss tour the whole Europe with over 100 concerts, and not only that but Welicoruss has played on some of the biggest festivals in Europe, like: Ragnarok, Goothom, Made of Metal, Exit Festival, Wolfzeit, etc. Today you can listen to Welicoruss on national Rock & Metal radio stations in counties such as Greece, Cyprus, Serbia, Croatia, Switzerland, Russia, Belarus and France.


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