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AMT TrueCab IR Collection Five – Multipack


List of included IRs:

AMT TrueCab IR FE 65 DLX
AMT TrueCab IR FE Blues DLX
AMT TrueCab IR MA 1982B
AMT TrueCab IR ME 212RH
AMT TrueCab IR ME 412RS

Product Description

Here is a demonstration of the sound for AMT TrueCab IR Collection Five – Multipack:

How to purchase an IR pack?


This is a digital product. Library is distributed as a “.zip” file. You’ll find everything you need inside. As soon as you add an IR pack to your shopping cart, you’ll be prompted to choose one of payment options.


Within a few minutes after the payment transaction is completed we’ll send an email to the address you entered when you registered at our online store. Follow the link in the email to download the purchased library. You can also find the link in your profile here:


The download link is valid for 5 downloads or 24 hours, whatever comes first. Single cabinet pack is about 6 Mb, this will be downloaded in no time. May you have any complications, contact us to resolve the issue.


All sales are final. Once a monetary transaction has been initiated you cannot cancel the purchase or receive a refund for the purchase. No cancellations, refunds, exchanges, or credits are offered.

AMT Electronics TrueCab IR Impulse Response Library


Today many digital devices and software plugins use Impulse Responses to recreate the characteristics of different rooms, mics or guitar cabinets. This IR collection is all about guitar cabs.

If you’ve ever tried any IR libraries before you know how easy it is to spend hours while scrolling through hundreds of files and listening to all of them looking for the right tone. This pack is made simple yet flexible and effective. We didn’t create any non-existing combinations of speakers, nor didn’t we use dozens of fancy mics. We used only two, a condenser mic and a classic dynamic mic for a studio and live feeling respectively. Also, when it was possible, a matching power amplifier was used.

TrueCab IR is designed specifically for AMT Pangaea devices but it also works perfectly with any other IR compatible hardware or software that supports [24-bit mono 48 kHz] or [16-bit mono 44,1 kHz] .wav format IRs. The library’s files are organized and named to fit the structure and interface of Pangaea.

Each single cabinet pack includes IR files for:

– AMT Electronics Pangaea CP-100 (files trimmed to 1024 samples, about 4 KB each)
– AMT Electronics Pangaea CP-100FX (files trimmed to 8192 samples, about 24 KB each)
– Other platforms (files trimmed to 340 ms, about 30~50 KB each)

Unless stated otherwise, every cabinet comes with 20 IRs (10 per mic).

Download a free demo pack right now!