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Celestion VINTAGE 30 (T3903) 60W

Celestion VINTAGE 30 (T3903) 60W




Celestion VINTAGE 30 (T3903) 60W

Back in 1986 a new breed of hard rock player was on the rise. To meet the demands of the players and their increasingly hot-rodded amplifiers, we set out to develop a modern speaker, capable of handling much more power and overdrive.
To achieve this, we coupled our H magnet (the closest in performance to Alnico) with a new cone and voice coil employing contemporary materials.
Our most revealing speaker, the Vintage 30 features enormously detailed and complex overtones, a warm low-end, a famously rich vocal mid-range and a beautifully detailed top-end. Used singly to reveal the complexities in hand-wired boutique amps, or in quartets for a wonderfully intricate vintage 3D crunch, the Vintage 30 sound has been captured on thousands of recordings from a diverse range of notable players including Slash, Steve Stevens and Peter Frampton.

General specifications:

Nominal diameter: 12″
Power Rating: 60 Watt
Nominal impedance: 8 Ohm
Frequency Range: 70-5000 Hz
Sensitivity: 100 dB
Magnet: Ceramic

Partners In Tone:

Slash (Velvet Revolver):”I have been using Celestion Vintage 30 speakers my whole career
and can t imagine using anything else.

Malcolm Young (AC/DC):”From High Voltage to Black Ice, it’s been Celestion guitar speakers all the way.”

Steve Stevens (Billy Idol’s Band):”Every note, every chord, every song, every record – all done with Celestion speakers.
Celestion is rock & roll.”

Динамик Celestion VINTAGE 30 (T3903) – 60Вт

Celestion VINTAGE 30 (T3903) – динамик для гитарных комбо 8Ohm, 12″, 60Вт, 100dB, 70Hz

Самый популярный на данный момент гитарный динамик в мире.
Благодаря своей универсальности, динамичности и богатству тембрального окраса, данний тип динамиков можно услышать на каждой второй записи, где используется электрогитара!

Тип шасси: прессованная сталь
Частотный диапазон: 75-5000 Гц
Магнит: Керамический
Сопротивление: 8 Ом
Мощность: 60 Вт
Резонанасная частота: 75 Гц
Чувствительность: 100 дБ
Диаметр катушки: 44.5 мм

Установочные данные:

Диаметр: 309 мм
Глубина: 156 мм
Диаметр выреза: 283 мм
Диаметр установочных гнезд: 7.9 мм
Количестьво установочных гнезд: 4
Расстояние между установочными гнздами: 297 мм
Вес: 4.7 Кг


Power Handling 60W
Sensitivity(1W @ 1m) 100 dB
Resonant Frequency 70 Hz
Frequency Response 80Hz-5kHz
Magnet Weight 50oz
Impedance 8/16 Ohm