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AMT SS-11B (Studio Series preamp)

AMT SS-11B (Studio Series preamp)


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AMT SS-11B (Modern) – Studio Series 3-channel Tube Guitar Preamp

Features overview

«Bright» switch for Crunch channel
Single 2-color LED instead of 2
Updated Clean channel EQ for better sound quality of standard and drop tunings
More saturated sound of the Lead channel due to added even harmonics
New CabSim (improved articulation)

While creating SS-11 we were guided by the motto – minimum size with maximum functionality for full tube overdrive with the highest quality components. The SS-11 is brother to the SS-20, but designed to be different. While the SS-20 is the more aggressive “METAL” pedal, the SS-11 was intended and manufactured for that famous CLASSIC tube driven over saturated guitar tone that eveyone loves and craves.

The SS-11B Modern version is designed to cover the sounds of today’s high gain tube amplifiers. Offering more distortion than the SS-11A, the SS-11B is a rock-metal monster! The tone of the SS-11B (Modern) works perfectly for heavy riffing, drop tuned guitars, 7 strings, and screaming lead work.

Features of SS-11 Design:

Fully tube-based 4 – stage overdrive channel with DUAL TUBE design (2x12AX7 or 2×6Н2П-ЕВ tubes) with high-voltage anode voltage (+300 V).
Three separate channels: CLEAN / OVERDRIVE / LEAD
Individual gain sensitivity and output level controls for clean and crunch/lead channels.
TREBLE SHIFT toggle switch to enter bright mode for that added punch of high end.
FX LOOP for external effects.
OUTPUT jack for connecting to both specialized guitar amplifiers with a standard level of 0 dB (GUITAR AMP mode) and a CAB SIM MIXER out with a standard level of -10dB and a guitar cabinet simulation.
The preamp outputs are equipped with sophisticated solid-state buffers.
SS-11 incorporates new field-effect transistor-based guitar cabinet impulse response emulator prossessing. Improved naturalness of sound when connected to line input.
Special attention was paid to transistors anode power quality: preamp uses a specially designed high-voltage transformer minimizing the penetration of impulse noises into amplified signal.

Description of SS-11 Channels:

LEAD channel provides thick viscous sound for playing both chunky rhythm parts and singing solos with excellent presence. TREBLE SHIFT toggle to take your lead sound into bright mode, similar to the good old “Treble Booster” pedals in the 80’s that guitarists used to enhance their solos.

OVERDRIVE channel features a more open structure of the sound. This is the SS-11’s sweet spot! VERY tubey and saturated sounding, much like that of the classic tube amps of the 70’s and 80’s! Wide range of sensitivity adjustment results in the sound starting from light crunch to thick and bright lead channel-like sound. Natural tube tone. If you’re looking for something other than that dull sounding solid-state OD or TS clone sound, then THIS IS IT.

CLEAN channel focuses on crystal clarity clean sound. Low, Mid, and High controls for tweaking your sound; as well as and TREBLE SHIFT toggle for adjusting high end response.


– Tubes: 12AX7 x 2 (6Н2П-ЕВ x 2)
– Input Impedance Rear Panel: 1MOhm
– Input Sensitivity Rear Panel: -10dB
– Output Impedance: 10kOhm
– Power Voltage: 12vDC (-)center
– Power Consumption: 600mA or .6A