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AMT Electronics engineers present a new device in the AMT Bricks series – the AMT PANGAEA VIRGIN CAB VC16. It is an IR cabinet simulator for individual practice, Live gigs, and recording. The device has a universal interface of the AMT Bricks series of the devices, which lets you combine the devices of this series in the easily controllable complex. The input attenuator lets you use the device not only with line-level signals but with power amps output signals. The device main outputs can be used either in balanced or unbalanced modes.

Needless to say, the electric guitar tone is defined by many components, such as a guitar itself, an amp, a cabinet with speakers and a mic. The new AMT Electronics PANGAEA VIRGIN CAB VC16 can emulate the sound of any miked guitar cab, whose Impulse Responses (IRs) are free or commercially available on the Internet and can be easily loaded to the Pangaea via USB.


  • A tube guitar amp MUST be loaded on a cabinet w/ speakers or loadbox. There is no internal load in the Pangaea VirginCab VC16

Connecting the VirginCab VC16 to a computer does not require any additional software: the device is recognized by a computer as the USB flash drive. Loaded IRs can be tweaked by adjusting their VOLUME level, EQ and early reflections amount (FX ROOM).


  • Impulse Response (IR) based guitar speaker cabinet modeling
  • Load up to 16 IRs (4 banks with 4 presets each)
  • GT (Noise Gate)
  • CM (Compressor)
  • PR (Preamplifier) is a flat-EQ preamp model (clean channel), that allows to connect a regular overdrive/distortion pedal directly to the VC16 (rather than using an external preamp)
  • PA (Power Amplifier) module emulates the sound of one of 15 tube guitar power amplifiers:
    • Default (Linear Frequency Response)
    • PP 6L6: Typical Push-Pull Power Amplifier w/ 6L6 Tubes
    • PP EL34: Typical Push-Pull Power Amplifier w/ EL34 Tubes
    • SE 6L6: Typical Single-Ended Power Amplifier w/ 6L6 Tubes
    • SE EL34: Typical Single-Ended Power Amplifier w/ EL34 Tubes
    • AMT TC-3: Based on AMT Electronics® TubeCake TC-3®
    • California: Based on Mesa/Boogie® Dual Rectifier®
    • British M: Based on Marshall® JCM-800®
    • British L: Based on Laney® LC50 II 112 Combo®
    • Calif Mod: Based on Mesa/Boogie®
    • Calif Vint: Based on Mesa/Boogie®
    • PVH PR0RS0: Based on Peavey 6505® (with settings: Presence=0, Resonance=0)
    • PVH PR5RS5: Based on Peavey 6505® (with settings: Presence=5, Resonance=5)
    • PVH PR8RS7: Based on Peavey 6505® (with settings: Presence=8, Resonance=7)
    • PVH PR9RS8: Based on Peavey 6505® (with settings: Presence=9, Resonance=8)
  • 5-Band Parametric EQ
  • Low-pass & High-pass filters
  • Early Reflections modeling (FX ROOM)
  • Ultra-compact metal housing

Tech Specs

  • Inputs/Outputs: Preamp/Amp INPUT, AUX IN (for a portable media player), OUTPUT (to an audio interface, mixing desk, PA system or headphones), HEADPHONES, USB (for connecting to a computer), CTRL IN/OUT
  • Impulse Response file type: WAV 24 bit 48 kHz
  • Latency: 1.2 ms / 0.0012 s
  • Power requirements: 12 Volts DC @ 100 mA / 0.1 A, tip/center negative (power supply is not included!)
  • Dimensions: 47mm x 55mm x 95mm
  • Weight: 190 g
Pangaea's Applications

Windows / Mac OS / Android OS:

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