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AMT P2 for Nightrage

AMT P2 for Nightrage

Melodic death metal band “Nightrage”.

“Hello metal friends this is Marios Iliopoulos from the melodic death metal band Nightrage.
We are really happy to work with AMT pedals and you know the searching for the perfect tone its always been quite challenging for us, until we hear the P2 pedal and we got blown away from the sheer intensity and great metal tone that this pedal can produce. It`s like having magic in your hands, for us that we need to tour and travel in different places its important to have OUR sound with us, and the P2 delivers that every time. I love the clean sound as well with the boosted option and also the fact that you can run the pedal in different set ups. In front of an amp, on return or even on a power amp like we exactly doing. The great thing is that I connected it also with my sound card and the same great tone was also coming from my speakers. Thanks to Ronnie our singer that introduced me to this amazing pedal and now I feel my life is so much easier and I can rely to the great tone that the P2 its giving me every night.”






“Magnus Söderman here from swedish/greek metalband Nightrage.Like most guitarplayers I know I´ve always been searching for the ultimate guitarsound, trying a lot of class A amplifiers. I was surprised to find that in a small pedal, I just couldn´t believe it when I first heard the sound of AMT P2. Now I just use P2 together with a compact power amp, truly amazing! The sound is superheavy and the gear is superlight to carry. Check it out!”







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