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AMT Incinerator NG-2

AMT Incinerator NG-2


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The AMT Electronics team is pleased to present a new product — the compact AMT NG-2 noise reduction pedal.

The second version, as a further development of the AMT NG-1 noise control device (“Noise Gate”), which became a hit from the very beginning, retains the tendency to minimize the control of the device: there is only one single handle! However, this is more than enough to ensure the main task for which the new device is sharpened: to suppress noise as delicately as possible in those places of the audio signal where it is really required, while in no way affecting or “eating up” the original useful signal.

In comparison with NG-1, the main changes of NG-2 affected the dynamic characteristics of the device:

  • The start time of the gate opening has been reduced from 40 microseconds to 11 microseconds, the full opening takes place after 50 microseconds, which, with adequate adjustment of the noise reduction threshold, completely eliminates the “jamming” of the signal attack (see Graph 1).

    So, thanks to this innovation, it is now possible to use the device not only in the formation of guitar sound: the AMT NG-2 behaves perfectly in the case of voice processing when working with microphone preamps!
  • The gate closing time after the abrupt disappearance of the signal has been reduced (from 130 ms to 80 ms), which more guarantees the absence of audibly noticeable noise tails when processing short jerky signals (see Graph 2).
  • The smoothness of expansion, relevant for processing long fading notes, has been increased. This preserves the natural dynamics of the signal and ensures that the noise gate is not visible (see Graph 3).

    At the same time, despite the increase in performance, NG2 retained the ability to process low-frequency signals without distortion starting from 20 Hz.


  1. Small size (Snickers size).
  2. Minimum control knobs.
    The controls are represented by the most important noise reduction threshold level regulator. The device (Effect) is characterized by a fast response to the appearance of a guitar signal and automatic adjustment of the attenuation time, which eliminates nonlinear distortions on the one hand and allows you to quickly switch to the signal cut-off mode when the useful guitar signal disappears on the other.
  3. The ability to select the bypass mode – full signal transmission / full signal cutoff.
  4. There is a loop (SEND/RETURN connectors) for connecting drive pedals, preamps, etc.
    When the drive pedal or preamp is turned on in the loop, the detector is controlled directly by the guitar signal, and the controlled attenuator is located after the output of the preamp or drive pedal. Thus, the noise reduction level is set once and is effective for any drive pedal or preamp channel.


* If effective noise reduction is observed when the THRESHOLD knob is positioned for more than 12-13 hours, first of all, pay attention to shielding the guitar and grounding the equipment, after which use the NG-2 noise reduction device.

* If spatial effects are used in a guitar track with a noise canceller (NG-2), they must be turned on after it (NG-2) to avoid “clipping” reverberation “tails”.