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AMT 12AX7WS Warm Stone LE

AMT 12AX7WS Warm Stone LE


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12AX7WS WarmStone LE – 12AX7 tubes solid-state equivalents

Features overview

This is a Light Edition version of the hit solid-state functional analog of the 12AX7 – 12AX7 Warm Stone tube!

The only difference between the LE version and the usual 12AX7 Warm Stone tube is solely in appearance. Due to the fact that instead of the expensive (although aesthetically very beautiful) aluminum housing of the “tube”, the LE version uses a transparent heat shrink, it was possible to significantly reduce the cost of production and, as a result, the retail price. At the same time, according to all other technical characteristics, the LE version is ABSOLUTELY IDENTICAL to the “full version” of the Warm Stone tube!

Before you buy, make sure that the anode (plate) voltage in your device at is least 30V.

Warm Stone tubes feature:

  • 100% functional analog of vacuum 12AX7/ECC83 tubes (same size too!)
  • Constant characteristics during the whole service period – no need to replace them almost at all!
  • Blind tests show no difference in sound character between WS and vacuum tubes
  • The original design and cool look (orange line glows when they’re on)